Transactions: Statuses & Chargebacks

Transactions have a few different types of statuses:

  • pending: transaction hasn't yet posted (will show in available, not ledger balance)
  • declined: transaction was unsuccessful
  • chargeback: transaction is in the process of being disputed
  • posted: transaction is final

A transaction may show as declined due to budget or merchant restrictions, fraud, or insufficient funds in the business account. You can read more about reasons for declines here.

If you're not sure why a transaction was declined, please contact your account admin to check if there are restrictions on your card or to reconcile any insufficient funds.

If you're still having trouble determining why the card was declined, please contact our support team and share the last 4 digits of the card and your company name associated with the transaction.

View, Approve, Chargeback

When viewing your transactions, click the down arrow to see options related to each specific transaction:


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