Pending Transactions


Usually, it takes about 3 to 5 business days to process a transaction. 

During this time, transactions will appear as "Pending" on the account and the available balance is deducted for the pending amount. The account will show the money as "pending" and the money will not be available for other users on the account to use.

Sometimes merchants apply a "holding" transaction called a "pre-authorization." This is common in gas stations or hotels, when you receive the goods or services before the final payment is requested.

After about 3-5 business days, transactions will "Post" to the account and lose the "Pending Transaction" tag.


Releasing a pending transaction

If there is a pending transactions that needs to be released, we recommend that you reach out to the merchant to release the pending transaction. Emburse Cards cannot release pending transactions and it's up to the merchant to release them. Sometimes, merchants take about 3-5 business days before releasing a transaction.

If the merchant will not release the transaction, the pending transaction will automatically be released after 30 days.



Pending transactions and your Emburse Cards account

For pending transactions, that amount will be subtracted from the Emburse Cards account balance. Once the transactions have posted onto the account, you will see the final amount on Emburse Cards.

If the transactions end up not posting on the account (ex: the merchant releases the pending transaction), you will not see it on the Transactions page. The pending transaction will be removed and the funds returned to the Emburse Cards account. 

There is no action needed on your end to have the funds returned to the Emburse Cards account. This is done automatically once the merchant releases the pending transaction.

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