How do I request a chargeback?

If you're not recognizing a transaction or never received goods you paid for, you can dispute it and start the chargeback process.

Before choosing to dispute a transaction, please ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is the transaction still pending?

If the transaction is still pending, it's possible it will not post. Most charges can take 3 business days to post. In order to file a chargeback, the charge must clear first. You cannot file one on a pending transaction.

2. Was the transaction related to a stolen card or merchant incorrectly charging the card?

If the card was stolen or the merchant incorrectly charged the card, we always recommend contacting the merchant immediately.

3. Have you requested a refund from the merchant?

The easiest way to resolve a disputed transaction for all parties is often to go directly to the merchant and ask to refund the charge. It's much faster than the chargeback process and requires less work for all parties involved.

Submit a chargeback request

  1. Go to the Transactions page
  2. Click on the "v" to the right of the transaction
  3. Click on "Chargeback"
  4. Complete the prompts from the form

Notes about chargeback requests

If the card was not lost or stolen, you need to show an attempt to remedy the situation with the merchant directly to win a dispute. Emburse Cards will need written proof that you have contacted the merchant for a refund and they have denied your request.

Chargebacks must be requested within 110 days of the transaction. Please allow us a few days to process the chargeback request.

After submitting a chargeback request, the process can take 30-90 days before a resolution is determined. If you have any questions or would like an update on the status of your dispute, email

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