Minimum Balances - US ACCOUNTS

Owners and admins can set a minimum balance to keep your cards funded at all times.

To set a minimum balance, go to the Account Details page under your Admin tab.

Emburse Cards recommends you set a minimum balance to the maximum dollar amount of your cardholders’ spend on any given day, and add a small cushion for unexpected large purchases.

The minimum balance doesn't need to equal the total balances of your cards because your Emburse Cards balance is only impacted by actual spending, not the balance associated with each card.

Click the Edit icon next to Minimum Balance to adjust the balance set for your account.

Choose the dollar amount and select transfer funds every Thursday or every day.

Scheduled an automatic transfer if the balance drops below 10%, 25%, or 50% of your minimum balance. Please note, the minimum for automated transfers is set at $20. 


Your business needs to create 4 cards, each with a budget of $200/week. You only expect each of these cards to spend around $100 daily.

We recommend setting a minimum balance of $500. You only need $500 because there are 4 cards ($100 each) and a 20% cushion.

Emburse Cards doesn't fund each card with $200 and there is no requirement to have an $800 balance in the account.

If your business expenses change often, we recommend a couple general guidelines:

  1. Increase your minimum balance to have a higher cushion (40% or more)
  2. Transfer funds every day instead of once a week to keep cards funded.

*Please note, automated transfers aren't ran until a little after 12PM PST. Also, your automated transfers cannot exceed your daily transfer limit. If you need to increase your daily transfer limit, Admins must email into support at to have this increased.*


Turn off Minimum Balance Feature

If you do not wish to use the minimum balance feature simply input $0 within the field, and click save. This will turn off this feature.

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