Balances: Ledger vs. Pending

Owners and admins can click Account Details to view the balances of your account.

There are a few types of balances in an account: ledger, available and minimum.

Ledger balance is how much money you have in your account at this exact second. It doesn't take into account pending transactions.

Available balance is how much money you have to spend, taking into account money in the account and pending transactions.

The available balance should almost always (with the exception of large refunds) be less than ledger balance.

The minimum balance is described in more detail in this article.


Pending Transactions

The reason transactions are pending is because card payments typically take 3 business days to clear. This means the funds are locked and unusable, but technically still in your (digital) possession.

Once cleared, the funds are marked to be moved to the merchant corresponding to the transaction. Emburse Cards cannot release pending transactions. It is up to the merchant to release or further process a pending transaction. You can read more about Pending transaction in this article linked.

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