How are rebates set up? 

Rebates are set up during the implementation phase. Rebates are built into contracts depending on spend.


What is a rebate?

A rebate is part of our cash-back program. A rebate is a percentage that you get back based on the amount you spend.


How are rebates applied to your account?

Rebates get applied to the Emburse Cards Funding account for future spending, it will be added to your account's Available Balance. 


How can I find my rebate on the Emburse Cards Dashboard?


1.  Log into your Emburse Cards account.

2.  On the left-hand side of the screen, select transactions.



3.  Look for the rebate credit as shown below:



Do rebates get deposited into a bank account?

No, rebates are applied back to the Emburse Cards funding account. If you would like the amount of the rebate added to your bank account, please email and we can initiate a transfer for that amount back to your connected bank account.

When do rebates get applied to the Emburse Cards funding account? 

The rebates are deposited the following month. 

For any questions regarding rebates please contact your sales representative or the billing team. To reach our billing team please fill out the intake form below:

click this link

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