Transaction Refunds

Where do refunds go?

When a credit is issued back to the cards, the refund will be added to the amount in the Emburse Cards account. Please note, most refunds are NOT applied back to the original card and will apply back to the business funding account. If you're not seeing the refund on your card, please contact your Emburse Admin or Support with the details of your refund.


How do you view a refund?

For Admins, refunds will appear on the Transactions page


Here is an example of what a refund will look like on the Transactions page. This is what it would look like if the Merchant directly refunded you.


If you filed a chargeback in Emburse, your refund will appear as a transfer with the details of the card's chargeback.

You can also view refunds broken down in the Accounting statements on the Accounting page.

Read more about how to download statements here.


Missing refunds

If you are missing a refund and cannot find it in Emburse Cards, we recommend contacting the merchant to see if the refund was issued. Sometimes, it may take 3-5 days before the refund appears on Emburse Cards. 

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