Connect a Bank Account

Owners and admins can add a bank account by clicking Account Details under the Admin tab and Connect A Bank Account:

Find the following options to link a bank account:

1. Use Bank Credentials

This option is instantaneous. You can select from a list of popular banks or search for your bank/credit union.

Enter in your credentials to login to the bank, and authorize it, so it can be used with Emburse Cards.

2. Use Account Number - APPROVAL REQUIRED

This option involves entering your account and routing numbers for your bank account. It's delayed verification as small deposits are made to Emburse Cards via ACH. It can take three or more business days to verify the account. Our Risk Team at Emburse handles all Manual Verification requests, and could request additional information to assist. Please contact to discuss this option.

If you have ACH Fraud Protection on your account please supply your bank with the below ACH ID's that will whitelist Emburse Cards from being able to debit/credit your bank account. All codes should be provided to your bank:


- 1800948598
- 7270465600
- 3270465600
- 2270465600
- 4270465600



You also have the option to link more than one bank account to Emburse Cards.

Connected Bank Account

Once you've successfully connected a bank account, you'll see it on your Account Details page and you'll be able to transfer funds from the bank account into Emburse Cards.

You can edit the name of the account by clicking the edit icon. There is an option to remove the account, or connect another bank account too.

A minimum balance may also be set that enables the automatic transfer of funds from the connected bank account into Emburse Cards whenever the Emburse Cards business account reaches a specific low balance.

Credit Accounts

Credit accounts must always have at least 1 bank account connected at all times. If you're using the credit option with Emburse Cards, your connected bank account will be used as an automatic payment source for your line of credit.

Example: On the billing date, Emburse Cards will debit the bank account on file for the balance due.

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