Organize Your Account with Lists

Owners and admins can view lists from the Accounting section of the account.

The Lists section contains the following information:

  • Employees: list of all members that belong to your account.
  • Categories: list of categories that are used on cards and transactions. A good example is using GL Codes or general ledger codes as categories.
  • Custom field (i.e. Departments): custom field used for the people that belong to your account. For example, a Sales department is used to group people and their cards/transaction information.
  • Locations: list of all locations added to an account. This is helpful if your business has employees or members in multiple locations.
  • Custom field (i.e. Company Codes): a custom field used for card and transactions. For example, a company code can be added that is unique to your business or accounting department.

Using Lists

Lists are helpful to filter the people, cards, and transactions in your account. Use the options alongside each page to apply filters.

For example, here is a filter of transactions from the Marketing department, in the San Francisco location, and under the Yes - Client company code.

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