Invite New Members to Your Account

Before adding new people to access your account, please make sure you read through and understand the different user roles. This article details the 4 types of user roles and the permissions of each role.

Owners and admins can click People under the Admin tab to add or remove a new member to your account.

Click +Member to add a new member to your account.

Fill out the member details including email address, first and last name, and any criteria for organizing the member.

Once added, the person will receive an invitation to join the account via email. The instructions will have the person create a password to complete registration and login. Make sure you're adding the member with the proper user role.

Add a Member via Card Assignment

When creating a physical or virtual card, you can also add a member when assigning that card to a person.

Click Assign Card to enter in a name and email address.  input the first/last name and email address of the new member, and click Add Member to invite them to your account.


If the user isn't already in the system, you'll click on "+Add Member" to create their account and assign them to the card.
Enter in the member's details including: First name, last name, and email address. This will add them in as a regular Member role. You can learn about updating their role in this article on editing users.

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