User Roles

About the different user roles

There are 4 different types of user roles in any Emburse Cards account.

Click here to learn about how to add/edit/remove users from the account.

The table below outlines the different permissions for each role:


There can be more than one admin for each Emburse Cards account. This is usually the person who first signed up or created the account, or someone granted this role by the person that created the account.


Accountants are often responsible for all bookkeeping measures within an Emburse Cards account. Outside of bookkeeping responsibilities, an accountant has mainly view only access.




Can Approve Spending ✓✓

A reviewer that can authorize spending is often someone that oversees a department or part of your business. For example, you might have a reviewer of the engineering department, so this person can assign cards to members of the engineering team and approve pre-approvals for the department.

Reviewers who cannot authorize spending privileges are primarily people that will help with bookkeeping within your business. This wouldn't be a person that would have authority to adjust any budgets or enforce any sort of expense controls.

Can View Virtual Card Details

Reviewer who can review virtual card details can see the full 16 digits and CVV of the virtual cards they have access to.

Has Access to All Transaction Activity 🌎

Reviewers who has access to all transaction activity will be able to view all cards and transactions on the account. This includes items from people they do not supervise. 

Reviewers who do not have access to all transactions activity will only be able to view the transactions and cards of the people they supervise and those within their department, location, or label.

Supervisors and Direct Reports

Reviewers can be restricted to only see transactions from their direct reports. Read more about Supervisors here.

Reviewers will be able to view card and transaction activity from other users if they are in the same group. Read more about Teams here.


Any user invited to an account would be a member by default. Members only have the ability to view what is assigned to them.

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