With the Supervisors feature, Admins can restrict which Member's cards, transactions, and pre-approvals Reviewers can see.

What is a Supervisor?

Reviewers can see everyone's transactions, cards, and pre-approvals but Supervisors can only see the transactions, cards, and pre-approvals of the members they supervise. 

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How do I add a Supervisor?

  1. Click on "People"
  2. Click on the Member who will have a Supervisor
  3. Click "Edit" then "Add Supervisor"
  4. A list of Supervisors will appear. Select the Reviewer who will be the Supervisor
  5. Click "Save"


Who can be a Supervisor?

Reviewers, Accountants, and Admins can be Supervisors. Members can be Supervisors but they will not be able to see the transactions, cards, or pre-approvals of the people they supervise. Admins will need to change Member permissions to "Reviewers."

As a Reviewer:

As a Member:

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View a list of all Supervisors / Org Chart

  1. Go to People
  2. Click on the the dropdown on "More"> Org Chart

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