Spending Restrictions

What are a card's spending restrictions?

Restrict spending on cards to certain amounts or to certain rules.

How do you set spending restrictions on a card?

Any admin or reviewer with spending authorization can add or edit spending restrictions on a card.

  1. Go to the Cards page
  2. Click on the card
  3. Under "Spending Restrictions", you can view the various spending restrictions on the card


Restrict using amounts

The dollar amount tied to the card is based on four different times frames:

  • Budget: this means the amount is static or the total can't be exceeded.
    • There is an option to make the card "For single use," meaning the card can only be used once. Once the card has been used, the card will be automatically suspended.
  • Daily: Whatever amount is entered, i.e. $1000, can't be exceeded in one day. Each day at 11:59pm PST, the budget will reset.
  • Weekly: Whatever amount is entered, i.e. $1000, can't be exceeded in a week or 7-day period. Each week on Sunday at 11:59pm PST, the budget will reset.
  • Monthly: Whatever amount is entered, i.e. $1000, can't be exceeded in a month or 30-day period. The last day of the month, the budget will reset at 11:59pm PST.


Additional Budgets

Create an additional budget for this card directly from this page. These budgets get applied directly to the card once you assign it to a User. Click + Budget to begin. These budgets are stand-alone  budgets and do not correlate with the traditional budget of the card. You can read more about Pre-Approval budgets here.


From here, enter details about your budget including Name and Amount

Then, choose what amount of time you'd like this budget set for. Additionally, you can click Add Day Restrictions to choose Days of the Week.


When complete, click Add Budget.

Additional Restrictions


Daily Limit

Add a max amount of money the card can use per day.

Example: A daily limit of $50 means that per day, the user can only use the card up to $50 regardless the budget of their card.

Transaction Limit

Enter any amount, so a transaction can't exceed that amount. 

Example: A $500 transaction limit means any transaction on the card can't be more than $500.

Merchant Restrictions

Set the card so it can only be used at certain merchants. Select up to 10 merchants where the card can only be used. 

Example: A card set to "Food & Drinks" may only be used at food and drink locations.


*Please note, date restrictions can only be added to the card AFTER the card has been created. They cannot be added when creating the card.*

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