What do I put as the description of the card?


Enter a description for any physical or virtual card upon its creation.

Due to Stripe's new Terms of Service, physical cards will only have the assignee's first and last name printed on the front of the card regardless of what's entered in "Card Description". At this time, our card stock allows for 1 line for physical cards (40 characters for a virtual card - 21 characters for a physical card). If you enter anything other than the assignee's first and last name in Card Description, it will appear in your Emburse Card account and be displayed above the card, but it will not be printed on the front. 

Virtual Cards: The description of card appears on the top of the card, while the business name remains on the card face. The description is the billing name associated with the card.


Physical Cards: On the Emburse Cards Dashboard the Card will show two lines, but only the first and last name of the assigned cardholder will print on the card, it will not include the company name when the card arrives. If you enter anything in the Card Description field, this will appear above the card in the Emburse Card dashboard, but will NOT be printed on the front of the card.

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