Share cards - USA Users

With shared cards for our USA Users, you can share a virtual card using a shared link with anyone. Share a card when you need someone other than the assigned cardholder to make purchases using the card.

How to share a card

Note that sharing cards only works for virtual cards and will not appear for physical cards

1. Go to the Cards page
2. Click on a card

3. Click on "More" and then select "Share Using Link" (Please note that a verification code will be sent via email when creating a shared link to the card)

  • Using Shared Link: Create a link to the virtual card to allow anyone with the link to access it


Create a Shared Link

  • Shareable Link: Cards can be viewed by anyone with the link
  • Email Shared Link: Email this link to any person (this includes anyone outside of your Emburse Card account)
  • Hide Balance: Prevent the people with the link from seeing the balance of the card
  • Password Protect: Require a password to be entered before viewing the card


Here is an example of what the link will look like:


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