Cards: Reports & Filter

Owners, admins, reviewers, and accountants can view all cards.

Click Cards under the Admin tab to view any plastic and virtual cards in your account.

If you're a member or reviewer, you'll only see cards assigned to you. Click My Cards under the Personal tab to view only your own cards.


Click Reports to view all plastic and virtual cards in list form.

The list of cards shows the following information:

  • Name
  • Assignee
  • Category
  • Custom fields (i.e. department)
  • Location
  • Amount remaining
  • Status

The report is truncated to show the first 10 cards in your account, sorted by most recently created.

View all cards by downloading the report in CSV format. You can use this CSV file offline or import into another accounting platform.



Find several options to filter cards and locate exactly what you need for any expense auditing or reports, including:

  • Status: active, suspended, unactivated, canceled
  • Grouping: see cards by specific criteria
  • People: view cards assigned to a specific person
  • Categories: view cards by one or more categories
  • Custom fields (departments): see all cards associated with a custom field
  • Locations: view cards by one or more locations

For example, this shows active and suspended virtual cards. You can also filter by Person, Category, Department, etc.

Click any card to edit its details and adjust the card settings.

Physical or Virtual?

If you're trying to determine the difference between a physical and virtual card, you can tell when viewing a list of cards. A physical card is indicated by a black stripe and a virtual card shows large pixels.


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