Do Emburse Cards have PIN numbers? US Accounts

Emburse Cards cards are credit cards instead of debit cards.

Withdrawing money from ATMs

Emburse Cards cards are credit cards rather than debit cards. Unlike debit cards, there is no PIN and you cannot withdraw money at an ATM using an Emburse Cards card. This means your cards may not be used for cash payouts at ATMs nor for in store cashback transactions. Please note, if you attempt to draw cash from your Emburse Cards card, your card to automatically suspend. Emburse Cards can only be reactivated by an Emburse Cards Admin.

Merchant asks for PIN

There's no PIN associated with Emburse Cards cards since these are credit cards. 

Sometimes when traveling internationally, merchants may be accustomed to asking for a PIN, here's some suggestions: 

  1. Tell them to process it as CREDIT, not DEBIT 
  2. Have them not enter any pin, just bypass and press ENTER/NEXT 
  3. Enter any PIN, 0000 or 1234.

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