Transfer Funds

Once you've connected a bank account, Admins can transfer funds into your account.

If you have ACH Fraud Protection on your account please supply your bank with the below ACH ID's that will whitelist Emburse Cards from being able to debit/credit your bank account. All codes should be provided to your bank:

- 1800948598
- 7270465600
- 3270465600
- 2270465600
- 4270465600



Admins can click Account Details and +Transfer:


Find the following fields to complete when transferring funds:

  • Bank Account: choose the bank account used for the transfer.
  • Amount: dollar amount for the transfer.
  • Memo: optional field to describe the transfer.

Fill out the fields and click Review Transfer.

Before completing the transfer, you have the option to confirm the details. If everything looks correct, click Confirm Transfer. Once confirmed, you'll see a message confirming the transfer has been created.

Click History to find any pending transfers or past transfers in your account. It includes bank account, amount, date, memo (if entered), and the Admin's name who ran the transfer if you don't have automated transfers enabled.

So that funds transfer automatically in the future, we recommend setting up a minimum balance on the account.

How long until funds are available?

Transfers typically take between 0.5 to 1 full business day to transfer. If the transfer is made before 1PM PT, it will be transferred into the account around 5PM PT that same day (except Fridays, where they will be transferred in on Sunday or Monday depending on when you transferred it on Friday).

Transfer Schedule

Please see this chart below for when funds can be available if you have a Visa account. The times are in PT.

Banking Holidays

Please note that we do not process transfers on banking holidays. Transfers will be delayed one business day.


Memorial Day: Transfer is made at 10AM PT. Instead of processing at today 5PM PT, it will process tomorrow (Tuesday) at 5PM PT.






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