Emburse Cards Best Practices

General Expenses

Emburse Cards provides an all-in-one solution for managing corporate expenses. By providing both a robust expense management platform and restrictable credit cards, Emburse Cards can significantly cut down on the time you spend tracking expenses. 

  • We offer one click integration with major accounting software packages, allowing you to easily export and utilize your transaction data
  • Emburse Cards offers four levels of hierarchies (Members, Reviewers, Accountants, and Admins) which make setting up even the most complicated of org structures a breeze
  • Connect your bank account with Emburse Cards, set a minimum account balance, and we’ll automatically ensure your account stays funded


Perks and Meals 

Managing benefit spend can be a monumental task. Emburse Cards simplifies the process by letting you give employees perk cards that can be used for coffee, meals, wellness benefits, and more.

  • Spending Rules can be created to limit cards by budget, merchant category, and time (e.g. $10 for lunch every weekday from 11:30 AM - 1 PM)
  • Card restrictions can be set on budget, merchant, and location

Vendor Payments

Emburse Cards cards can be used to pay your vendors. You can keep your vendors accountable by creating a unique virtual card for each one.

  • Add budgets to ensure that you are not being overcharged
  • Deactivate cards at any time, effectively cancelling payments
  • Pre-approvals can be used by vendors to request payment


Remote Offices/Employees 

You can easily manage expenses for a distributed workforce using Emburse Cards by setting unique budgets for each location or even individual remote employees. 

  • Use Budgets to set spending limits specific to each of your office locations
  • Multilevel approval flows allow you to enforce spending policies at different levels



Emburse Cards makes managing event spending simple. Whether you’re throwing an in-office party or heading to a conference, our cards provide the perfect solution for keeping expenses in check. 

  • Use Budgets to sync your event spending across departments, locations, or projects
  • Virtual cards can be created for one-off or recurring use, giving you strict control over online purchases and subscriptions
  • Pre-approvals can be initiated with one click, meaning that employees will never be caught short in the face of unexpected expenses


Emburse Cards allows you to easily control spending for employees on the road. Card administrators can monitor transactions in real time, instantly send additional funds, and easily turn cards on and off.

  • Virtual cards can be used to book flights and hotels online, and can be used with Apple/Android pay for in person purchases
  • Automatic receipt capture removes the need to reconcile expenses or worry about lost receipts after a long trip 
  • Category restrictions (e.g. food, travel) ensures that your money will only go towards approved merchants and categories

Employee Incentives 

Use Emburse Cards cards to treat employees to a coffee or lunch to celebrate a work anniversary or hitting a goal. You can create a one-time use card for a special occasion. 

  • Use the one-time use checkbox when creating a new card to ensure those funds are only used for your predetermined reward
  • Virtual cards can be used to fund employee purchases with online vendors

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