Cards: Status, Reinstatements, Deletions

Once a physical or virtual card is created and assigned, you can view the cards by clicking Cards on the left side of your account.

Cards have the following types of statuses:

  1. Active: physical or virtual cards that can be used
  2. Suspended: physical or virtual cards that cannot be used, but can be reinstated
  3. Unactivated: physical cards that haven't yet been activated
  4. Canceled: physical or virtual cards that can no longer be used or reinstated

You can filter by any status from the Cards page by checking the box next to each status name.


Reactivate a Card

If a card is suspended, an admin can reactivate the card, so it can be used again. A card may be suspended for the following reasons:

  • an end date was set for the card (common with gift cards, etc.)
  • fraudulent or suspicious transactions
  • the card is missing or you're unable to find it

Before reactivating a card, we recommend reviewing any transactions to determine if the card was suspended for a suspicious transaction or if an end date was set to restrict how the card can be used.

Any admin can view the card, click Suspended and choose Reactivate card to activate the card again.


Once reinstated, the card can be used again immediately.

Delete Cards

If a physical or virtual card is canceled, an admin can delete the card.

Read more about canceling cards here.

In order to delete the card, you must first cancel it. Once it's canceled, you'll have the option to delete it. View the card and click Delete Card to delete it from your account.


A deleted card will no longer be viewable from your account. This means you will not be able to see any card settings or details, however, any transactions originating from the deleted card will remain in your account.

We recommend only deleting a card if you no longer need it in your account. For example, it's common to delete a card if it was never activated or if was never used or if it was created by accident or with errors. Once the card is deleted, you can no longer locate it in your account and it cannot be reinstated.


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