Emburse Cards API: Register and Create an App

The Emburse Cards API helps you create expense cards at scale for your specific business use case or for any third-party apps used by your business.

Examples for using the Emburse Cards API include:

  • vendor payments
  • employee expense control
  • fleet card management

Before using the Emburse Cards API, an Admin must be granted developer permissions to their account. To be granted this, please email Support at support@cards.emburse.com

Go to the applications section of your account: https://app.emburse.com/applications

Click Create App to register and configure your application.

Complete the app details: name, homepage URL, description, OAuth Callback URLs, and Webhook URLs.

A notification email is sent once the app is registered and created. The email outlines the permissions for the app.

Find the app and its details on your applications page. View the details of the app, revoke access, and edit the app.

After the app is registered, begin using it with the Emburse Cards API. Get started with the Emburse Cards API documentation: https://cards.emburse.com/api/v1/docs/#register-your-app

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