Personal Settings

Click View Profile under the drop-down on the right of your screen to access your personal settings.


Personal settings include the following sections: your member details, activity, and notifications.

Member Details

If you need to change your password, click Change My Password to adjust it.

Admins can adjust their own member details, EXCEPT email and MFA phone number. If you're a member, reviewer, or accountant, there isn't an option to edit these details. You must reach out to your company's internal Emburse Admin to adjust your email or phone number. Your admin then must email support at to request this information to be updated.

Admins can find these options to edit:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Time Zone
  • Employee ID (Optional)
  • Role
  • Location
  • Supervisor
  • Teams



This section shows the date and time of the last time you logged in.


The notifications section includes the four subsections: transactions, tasks, cards, and bank transfers. (If you're an Admin)


Receive a notification when you make a purchase. As a cardholder, choose to be notified via email, text, or both about any purchase over a certain dollar amount.

If a transaction is declined, choose to be notified via email, text, or both.

Owners, admins, accountants, managers, and reviewers can be notified about transactions for any card that they manage.

All members can choose to be notified by email, text, or both about suspicious or fraudulent activity related to transactions for their cards.



Task notifications are related to collecting receipts, pre-approvals, and weekly reminders.

Choose to collect receipts for your transactions via email, sms, or both.

Admins can choose to be notified via email when a pre-approval requires approval.

Choose to receive a weekly email informing you of your assigned tasks.


Choose to be notified via email or not at all when one of your cards is created, suspended, or both.

Admins find this option for all cards associated with your account.


Bank Transfers

Owners and admins can choose to be notified via email, SMS, or both when funds are transferred to your account.

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