Company Settings

Admins can view/edit the company settings of your account.

Click on the wagon wheel at the top right to access these settings.

These settings include the following sections: company, billing, accounting, and security.


The section shows the company name, website, shipping addresses, and an option to add a company logo.

All this information is pulled from when you signed up for an account. If you need to adjust your company name or website, please email

Click the Edit icon to adjust the default shipping address or add multiple addresses by clicking Add Shipping Address.

Click +Logo to upload a logo to brand your company's virtual cards. Please make sure the logo has a white or transparent background.


The billing section shows the company's billing name and the default billing address. This information is provided when you create your account.

Adjust the billing address by clicking the Edit icon.

If you need to adjust your billing name, please email


This section helps you keep access to your Emburse Cards account secure.

Click Edit to adjust the security settings for the company.

Find these options:

  1. Require verified phone numbers from all cardholders. This means any cardholder must also submit a phone number to receive a text in order to login or access the account. It serves as two-factor authentication or two-step verification to login. 
    1. Please note that if this is turned off, we will still require that verified phone numbers are required from account administrators for security purposes.
  2. Enable Single Sign-On. Single Sign-On means a person can login using one set of credentials to access multiple applications. If enabled, claim a domain and configure the SSO URL, so Emburse Cards can be used with these settings.

Here are the further instructions for Single Sign-On depending on if you're using Google or Okta.

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