Google SAML Configuration Guide

This guide explains how to configure your Emburse Cards and Google accounts to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) using Google as the Identity Provider.

Note: You must be an admin on both your Emburse Cards and Google accounts to enable this feature.

Setup Instructions

1. On your Emburse Card home page, click the Gear icon at the top right of the page to access Company Settings.  

2. Scroll down to Security and click Enable Single Sign-On.

3. Enter the domain of your company in the textbox, then click Next.

Only users with email addresses belonging to this domain can use SSO. Before setup, at least one user with the Owner role must have an email belonging to this domain.

4. Once saved, the Emburse Cards SSO setup window will display an ACS URL and Entity ID which you'll need to complete your Google App SAML configuration.


4. In another window, sign in to your Google Admin console.


5. From the Admin console Home page, go to Apps › SAML Apps. To see Apps on the Home page, you might have to click "More controls" at the bottom.


6. Click the plus (+) icon in the bottom corner, and select "Set up my own custom app". Under "Option 2", the Google IDP Information window provides a link to the "IDP metadata" XML file. Download this "IDP metadata" file, then click "Next".


7. The Google IDP Information window should now display fields for providing basic app information. For the Application Name, we recommend using Emburse Cards. For the logo, please use this Emburse Cards logo. After providing basic information, click Next.

8. The Google IDP Information window should now display fields for providing Service Provider Details.

  • For the ACS URL and the Entity ID, please copy over the values provided within the Emburse Cards SSO Setup window that were shown in Step 4. 
  • For the Name ID, please select the Basic Information and Primary Email options which are the default values.
  • For the "Name ID Format", please select the "EMAIL" option, then click "Next".

9. The Google IDP Information window should now be requesting an Attribute Mapping. We recommend using the following values:

  • "firstname" : Basic Information · First Name
  • "lastname" : Basic Information · Last Name

10. Click Done to complete setup within within your Google Admin console. Be sure to enable this new SAML app for those within your organization who need access to an Emburse Cards account.


11. Return to the Emburse Cards SSO Setup window. Find the field labeled IDP Metadata. Copy the contents of the Google IDP metadata file into IdP Metadata field of the Emburse Cards SSO setup page, and click Save.

12. Send an email to indicating that you would like to have SSO enabled. An admin will verify the configuration and get back to you shortly.

For questions regarding Emburse Cards, email us directly at

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